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Where did it really go?
How is it actually so?
It has been way too quick… also a little bleak?

Two point FiVe.

Made one attempt to go.
Not meant to be so.
Perhaps should try again… as things no longer the same.


I can no longer think.
I can no longer feel.
But I lie; I feel. Frustration. Sadness. Disappointment. Faithless. Undriven.


Is it a magic number?
To prime like it is?
I should stop this overthinking, but to what end really?



臺北2015: 四月四友大出走

[Start: 2:55am]

Dear non-existent readers,

I am writing on this abandoned blog because I have nothing better to do on a four-hour and twenty-minute flight.

I am currently on board Scoot’s TZ202 from Singapore to Taipei. With me are my besties – Boonie, Cheryl and Wendy. It’s our second group trip together after Bangkok about 4 years ago. Actually, we can consider this our third getaway since we did a one-day road trip to Johor Bahru in February earlier this year.

Having been to Taipei many times since 2008 (I kinda lost count and my memory’s not really working at 3am), I’m the obvious planner and guide for my besties. I’m not sure if that’s a wise choice at all since my past visits have always been free and easy, like REALLY FREE AND EASY in that I just wake up each day (sometimes at noon) then decide where I really wanna go. That said, I endeavor to make this trip a pleasant and memorable one for my besties, and actually spent some time listing out a number of places I would want to bring them to. I eventually realize there are too many food places in the list and one can only spend that much time eating, so I have no idea how the trip is going to turn out.

Let’s hope they do not have high expectations of me.

My only comfort is that this is Boonie and Wendy’s first time to Taipei, and Cheryl’s second (her first without family and a kid in tow). This means it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep them “fresh” during this six-day trip. *fingers crossed*

[Turbulence; Motion sickness developing; Pause typing.]

Plane is stable. Hate how I am prone to motion sickness. It means I can’t read or watch movies on a plane, in the car or MRT. Annoying. And I can’t sleep on a plane either. Even when I was on China Airlines’ business class in 2014 returning from Taipei to Singapore, I couldn’t sleep soundly. Maybe I should get a prescription for sleeping pills. Wonder if my GP would be anal about writing out such prescription. Hmm.

And I digress.

And there is nothing much else I wanna blog about right now.

Let’s just hope the trip will turn out alright.

Maybe I can blog throughout the trip. We’ll see

Till next time.


[End: 3:30am]

The new iPad

Yay! I succumbed and bought the new iPad!


A few entries back (from several years ago) had me claiming that I have no use for an iPad. Well, I got one for my Mum’s birthday anyway then, as it didn’t do her eyes any good to play games on a small iPod Touch.

So why did I decided to get this third generation iPad now?

  1. I had enough of reading books on the small iPhone screen. Yes, it’s still very much convenient, but it really is straining my eyes for quite a bit. I’ve taken to reading e-books so screen size kinda matters now.

  2. It’s a lot more convenient to bring around for overseas trips compared to a laptop. Well, no choice there if it’s a business trip, but I like to stay connected during my holidays as well so the iPad does help. Also partly because my beloved white MacBook of 6 years seems about to conk off – takes several boots to start the OS; so instead of another laptop, the iPad fits my purposes just fine.

  3. I discovered that I can use the iPad to remotely connect to my office e-mail network. So if I do need to check on something at home afterhours or over the weekend, I save the hassle of booting up my office laptop and just do a quick check off the iPad. Neat!

And that’s how I justified my purchase of the 32gb white new iPad!

Absolutely happy with my purchase!! 😀

And this is my first entry with it!!


And so, it’s 2012! This site is as good as dead, but somehow I just couldn’t bear to let it go, renewing the domain and hosting year after year, month after month.

I was talking to my colleague the other day and she quipped that maybe I should just go into blogging if I wanted a career change to something non-legal (not that I do right now, just in case any of my bosses knew I run a blog here and reads it). The thing is, if I hadn’t lost my momentum after entering National Service back in 2004, I could very well still be an active blogger, and who knows, have a decent number of followers. After all, I was around back in the days when blogging was only just starting to get popular and wasn’t so commercialized nor studied on.

The only impediment (and probably the single most important missing factor leading to a non-successful blogging career) would be the lack of interesting content. I just didn’t read enough (still don’t) to form an opinion (or any at all) of any character.

I look into my past entries and all I documented down was my life! Seriously, who, other than my friends (I hope), would be interested in just my life? Who cares about what I watched, what I bought?

So here I am, just a lazy blog-owner (I don’t think I qualify as a blogger in this era) who writes once in several blue moons.

10 Years of Harry Potter™

I started reading Harry Potter™ only when the first movie was about to be released in 2001, and back then only 4 books were released. I remember pre-ordering the 5th and 6th book and getting up real early to grab them at Popular bookstore, finishing them in one single sitting. I got lazy for the 7th and decided to pre-order and have them delivered instead; it got to me only at noon! All that anticipation after getting up at 7am waiting for the delivery to read the end of the series! MADNESS!

Anyway, the last of the last Harry Potter movie will be released this week. I am going to do the unthinkable by holing up in GVmax in VivoCity to watch ALL 8 MOVIES in ONE SINGLE SITTING from 13th to 14th July 2011!! I haven’t actually even done something like that at home for Harry Potter™, unlike I did for Charlie’s Angels, Sex and the City, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. TOTALLY MAD!

The itinerary will be as such:

9.30am – Registration & Collection of goodie bags


1pm – Lunch


4.45pm – Break


7.30pm – Dinner


11.40pm – Break


2.20am – Break


5.15am – Break


8.00am – Breakfast


11.10am – End of Event

I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I will!!! It’s gonna be SUPER AMAZING and an SGD88 well-spent (SGD196 actually because I paid for my sis who got me to go)!! Especially since I’m also gonna get:

–  Admission to all eight Harry Potter™ films
–  Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast
–  Exclusive Retrospective T-shirt
–  Souvenir Photo
–  Goodie Bag & more


Change, Again

I made a sudden decision last month to make a job switch, barely a year into my current (previous from tomorrow) job. I was feeling stagnant at the workplace despite the short time I’ve been there.

No doubt there are still skills and knowledge for me to learn and pick up and my boss is more than willing to teach, but things just ain’t moving fast enough and I’m not getting any younger. Prospects ain’t any good.

It helps that my new company in the private sector is willing to hire me despite my lack of experience, with a bump in the paycheck no less and seemingly promising prospects. *fingers crossed* Such opportunities don’t come along often so it doesn’t make sense for me not to take it, and thus I did.

The only down side is the location; it’s all the way in Changi while I’m in Jurong. It’s gonna be like those years when I was in Temasek Polytechnic, except that I now drive and I can’t just skip work like I skip classes when I feel like it. Need loads of discipline to get up early and arrive on time.

I’m starting tomorrow and the usual jitters and apprehensions are getting to me. It’s self-doubt phase all over again. I hope I’ll be able to keep up with the pace in the private sector. I’ve been too comfortable in the public service. No culture shock, hopefully.

Good luck to me!