I think I’ve never ever mentioned how much I love Glee! the US TV series! I love musicals!

Using the photo below as my wallpaper. Was using the Glee! poster previously but this looks so much better!

I LOVE GLEE! Can’t wait for the season to continue in Apr! 😀

Part of the Glee! Cast

TV Addict!!

I’m totally hooked on watching TV. Actually, TV shows, because I’m watching them through my computer. It doesn’t help that my computer is hooked up to my 32″ TV in my room where I can easily embark on a TV-marathon from the comfort of my new queen-size bed (yes, many new things in my room and messier than it already was, and oh, not to forget a upgraded-turned-new CPU to run super high-def trailers and shows “obtained”).





Heroes – Season 3
Gossip Girl – Season 2
Private Practice – Season 2
Ugly Betty – Season 3
Grey’s Anatomy – Season 5
Desperate Housewives – Season 5

As and When

Charmed – Completing Season 2, 6 more to go!
黑糖群侠传 – On-going Series
Movie Trailers on

Once in a While

Supernatural – Still at Season 1. Season 3 on-going currently.

Sidetrack: Finally understood the meaning of “feeling butterflies in the stomach”. Been experiencing it when going through some thoughts. It’s been a while afterall. Grrrrr.



Oh, and I’m trying to learn Cantonese. It’s hard to learn a new language when you’re old. Sighh. Picking up phrases now. Can’t form any sentences though. Can’t understand most sentences anyway.

And you know you’re a huge follower of Grey’s Anatomy, that when you see a person acting weird emotionally and turning abusive all of a sudden in a Hong Kong drama, you speculate correctly that the person has a brain tumour.

Tsk! The predictability of drama storylines!

太王四神记 The Legend

I can’t believe I’m hooked on a Korean drama. Hahaha. The last time this happened was in 2001/2002, when 秋天的童话 played on Mediacorp Channel 8.

Not bad lar. The pace is faster than most Korean dramas, though still a little draggy at some parts, but bearable. Pretty cheesy in the beginning, with tinges of Lord of the Rings and X-Men’s Dark Phoenix Saga. It gets better towards the middle, and hopefully better at the end (cos I’ve yet to finish the series).

The stylist for the female lead on the right of the poster should be shot. She was pretty good-looking in the beginning of the story when she was somebody else, but somehow someone decided she should look ugly later on and hence this image. Yucks. The hair totally doesn’t complement the shape of her face.

Unlike the female lead on the left; gorgeous in the beginning (when she was somebody else too), while looking her tomboyish character later on without spoiling her good looks. Quite a good actress. Read that this is her debut appearance and she won some “Best Newcomer” award thingie. Amazing.

Ok, shall continue watching. Should finish before the week ends! 🙂

Cursed @ 4am


Another day at work. Another day where I woke up at freakin 4am. It’s either because I’ve been sleeping too early (10ish, 11ish at night isn’t very early, right?) or that my body clock is totally screwed for some reason.

AND WHY 4AM??!?!?!

I’m reminded of The Exorcism of Emily Rose where there was this female lawyer or something who kept waking up at 3am EVERY MORNING because she was dealing with something demonic or something. I don’t seem to remember having to deal with anything demonic though. Unless we’re talking about the dumb people who I have to deal with or meet at work… hmmm.

In any case, I hate being sleepy at work. I can’t think and I’ll get very lazy to do any work. It doesn’t help that I’m getting very broke that makes it look as if my work is not paying off, literally. Nvm, there’ll be an extra sum coming on the 25th. Can hardly wait.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the new seasons of the American dramas; Heroes, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. I just wish they were shown daily instead of weekly. Hate having to wait. The new seasons are good, so far. Just keep them coming.

I miss Buffy though. I like vampire slayers. I don’t mind being a slayer myself. There should be a dramatic storyline as opposed to being just purely violent. It must be something like Buffy or 我和僵尸有个约会. I didn’t watch Van Helsing, so I can’t comment if my story should be similar. I don’t even know if Van Helsing is a vampire slayer.

Rambling, rambling, rambling. See what waking up at 4am does to me. Tsk tsk!