The new iPad

Yay! I succumbed and bought the new iPad!


A few entries back (from several years ago) had me claiming that I have no use for an iPad. Well, I got one for my Mum’s birthday anyway then, as it didn’t do her eyes any good to play games on a small iPod Touch.

So why did I decided to get this third generation iPad now?

  1. I had enough of reading books on the small iPhone screen. Yes, it’s still very much convenient, but it really is straining my eyes for quite a bit. I’ve taken to reading e-books so screen size kinda matters now.

  2. It’s a lot more convenient to bring around for overseas trips compared to a laptop. Well, no choice there if it’s a business trip, but I like to stay connected during my holidays as well so the iPad does help. Also partly because my beloved white MacBook of 6 years seems about to conk off – takes several boots to start the OS; so instead of another laptop, the iPad fits my purposes just fine.

  3. I discovered that I can use the iPad to remotely connect to my office e-mail network. So if I do need to check on something at home afterhours or over the weekend, I save the hassle of booting up my office laptop and just do a quick check off the iPad. Neat!

And that’s how I justified my purchase of the 32gb white new iPad!

Absolutely happy with my purchase!! 😀

And this is my first entry with it!!


I think I’ve never ever mentioned how much I love Glee! the US TV series! I love musicals!

Using the photo below as my wallpaper. Was using the Glee! poster previously but this looks so much better!

I LOVE GLEE! Can’t wait for the season to continue in Apr! 😀

Part of the Glee! Cast