And so, it’s 2012! This site is as good as dead, but somehow I just couldn’t bear to let it go, renewing the domain and hosting year after year, month after month.

I was talking to my colleague the other day and she quipped that maybe I should just go into blogging if I wanted a career change to something non-legal (not that I do right now, just in case any of my bosses knew I run a blog here and reads it). The thing is, if I hadn’t lost my momentum after entering National Service back in 2004, I could very well still be an active blogger, and who knows, have a decent number of followers. After all, I was around back in the days when blogging was only just starting to get popular and wasn’t so commercialized nor studied on.

The only impediment (and probably the single most important missing factor leading to a non-successful blogging career) would be the lack of interesting content. I just didn’t read enough (still don’t) to form an opinion (or any at all) of any character.

I look into my past entries and all I documented down was my life! Seriously, who, other than my friends (I hope), would be interested in just my life? Who cares about what I watched, what I bought?

So here I am, just a lazy blog-owner (I don’t think I qualify as a blogger in this era) who writes once in several blue moons.

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