FML #2

Haha! This is ridiculous!

Today, I learned my boyfriend had another girlfriend, his excuse was he was bipolar and each of his personalities need a girlfriend. FML

Dream Of The End

I’ve been up since like 6am. On a Saturday. Mad.

Here I am blogging again. Yay. I think I blog better on weekend mornings. In any case, I’m blogging because I want document down a dream I had two nights ago. It was bizarre.

I blame it on reading the news about finding Noah’s Ark (or so those people believe and trying to confirm) a few weeks back.

I blame it on watching 康熙来了 and listening to this actress talking about how the end of the world is near and so she has no qualms revealing her love life with another actor.

I blame it on Meiyan giving me a link on 2012 that afternoon before I had the dream at night.

The story goes that I was at home on the 12th storey with my Mum and Dad. My Mum was cooking and my Dad was sleeping. My sisters had gone to the airport to pick my other sister up. I was peering down through a window, expecting them to alight from a cab that was arriving any minute.

It began to rain, and soon after I realised that there was flood – a two-storey high flood. I told my Mum about it and asked her how the cab was going to drive while submerged under the water and how my sisters were going to alight.

She came over to the window to see it for herself and we realised that the flood had become ten-storey high. She then told me as-a-matter-of-factly, “Oh. Today is the end of the world.” We looked afar and saw huge waves of water in the sky.

Water started flooding the whole of our apartment. I was holding my breath and the water was murky. The water level then lowered till my Mum and I had time to talk for a while and breathe. Then it rose again, and it lowered. It repeated for about two to three times.

The next time it lowered, my Mum went to wake my Dad up, who I have no idea why he wasn’t dead yet. He woke up groggily and went to the kitchen to find food, either oblivious or not concerned about what was happening.

The water continued to rise and lower and it just kept repeating, with periods of it being at a full height longer and longer, until I had trouble holding my breath, thinking of giving up, thinking that I am about to finally die with everyone else in the world as the world ends.

I woke up feeling like I had really held my breath for intermittent periods of time. I wondered to myself why I had dreamt of something so bizzare.

I was recounting it to Cara last night and it suddenly dawned upon me that it could be the drowsy-inducing cough mixture that I’ve been taking for the past two weeks that was screwing my mind. Damn these medications.

Till the next dream.

Tale of a Cleaning Lady: Why I Avoid Talking To Her

There is this very old cleaning lady in my office building; I reckon she’s in her 70s, slightly hunched but doesn’t walk too slowly. Everyday at about 12 noon, she would knock on my office door (e-passkey system and she doesn’t have access), come into my office and collect our trash. On Mondays, she would come in twice; once more in the early morning at about 9.30am to vacuum the office.

Initially I was pretty friendly, like I always am; stopping whatever I was working on, making small talks, asking her if she needs any help. I mean, considering her age, it feels like it is something that I, as a younger person, should do. Probably out of respect.

I suppose she felt some sort of a connection and decided to talk to me about everything; ranging from my education background, my pay (!!!), her complaints about her terrible management and how stupid they were (don’t we all?), her grumblings about inconsiderate people whom she collects trash for, all the way to whether my boss is hei-gu (Hokkien dialect for asthmatic).

All is fine to me, really (maybe not the hei-gu part, because, HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW??), but my gripe about her is: SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP!

I can be working hard on a file and giving her monosyllabic answers to whatever she’s talking about after I have said my usual “Hi” but she just couldn’t get the hint. I can be at the lift lobby running an errand for my boss, or trying to get to a lunch appointment, or on my desperate way to the loo and she would chat me up. I have tried giving her the awkward “I don’t really have time to talk to you” smile and look but nope, she can’t take the hint.

There was once I even bumped into her in the men’s loo!! She was getting toilet supplies (somehow it’s stored in the men’s loo) and ain’t she glad to find someone to talk to. I quickly hid myself in a cubicle (I use the cubicles for everything because I don’t like to use urinals – don’t ask) and she went like “ok, ok, you go 大便 (shit)”. =,=” Like I would when she’s around! (Well, I wasn’t going to, but that’s besides the point, ha ha).

My politeness had become annoyance.

Now, I have to say that I had no problems with the cleaning ladies in my previous office. I would very gladly wave and greet them whenever I see them along the corridor. They’ll talk to me, yes, but briefly. They know when is the appropriate time to do anything, which is very nice.

So, at some point in time, say, 2 months ago, I decided guiltily with restitute that I shall avoid and ignore this cleaning lady at all possible circumstances. By avoid I mean not meeting her gaze to encourage her to talk to me, greeting her hastily and quickly focusing on something else, or, simply, avoid her literally.

You don’t have to tell me I’m rude, but really, there are times where you just can’t stop yourself from being annoyed, however you tell yourself not to.

That worked. She finally got the hint and since then, we’ve only been nothing but cordial to each other.

I appreciate the work the cleaning ladies are doing. I have all the respect for this old cleaning lady, doing such a laborious job at her age, but I think I want to draw the line at just that. Silently.


I think I’ve never ever mentioned how much I love Glee! the US TV series! I love musicals!

Using the photo below as my wallpaper. Was using the Glee! poster previously but this looks so much better!

I LOVE GLEE! Can’t wait for the season to continue in Apr! 😀

Part of the Glee! Cast

A Decade

I haven’t written anything for a while and it’s 2010. I’ve no idea why I’m still holding on to this domain, considering I haven’t been blogging much since 2004. 6 years!!

I did a major spring-cleaning of my room today. Something that I haven’t done for at least the past 3 to 5 years. 80% done and leaving the rest for another day. Before the CNY. It isn’t meant to signify having a clean slate for the ‘new year’. Just a deadline for myself so that I would get round to it.

And lucky I did today. I found a ToTo slip from 2005 (5 freakin’ years ago!) and I decided to buy the numbers on it. Won 60 bucks. It pays to clean! Or, does it actually pay NOT to clean for 5 years? Hmm. Food for thought.

So, I found this Doraemon clock collecting dust in a corner of my shelf. Gave it a good wipe and popped in new batteries. It works, except for the alarm. It’s fine though. I’ve been surviving fine using my phone alarm the last few years.

Anyhow, I’m giving this clock a special mention because I remember vividly how I got this clock. It was in the year 2000. 10 years ago. I just started my short-stint in JC (dropped out without completing year one) and my Mum was admitted into the hospital for an op. I was afraid no one’s gonna wake me up for school, so I bought it. I can’t remember how much it cost though. Should be less than $20 since I didn’t have much pocket money then.

I also found the receipt for my first iPod. It was a 30GB iPod Photo – the first iPod with a colour screen. It was a short-lived model because very soon after, every iPod came with a colour screen.

I’m still using this iPod. It was partly sponsored by Cara as my birthday gift in 2005. 5 years ago. I don’t know if iPods generally lasts this long. I’m thankful that mine did and hope it’ll continue to.

They just released news of the Apple iPad today. For once, I can’t think of any reason to want one, when my iPhone has sufficient capabilities and functionality for me. As it is, I can read and surf on it, and I prefer my movies in HD on big screens. So I can’t really think of a reason to lug one around. Maybe only when I’m travelling I guess, but as it is, I have an underused MacBook.

Oh, and that was bought in 2007, 3 years ago, when I decided embark on a part-time undergraduate programme. I dropped out half a year later.

I just changed my job 6 months ago. I don’t know how I survived these 6 months. Not getting enough job satisfaction. But i’m holding on though. I believe there’s much more I can learn. Even if there isn’t, the length of time I’m here will look better on my résumé.

And this is my first blog entry of the year. I don’t know how many there will be later, so enjoy while it lasts, whoever is still visiting this abandoned site. Do drop a note if you are. I’d love to hear from you. May even motivate me to blog a little more.

Happy new year!


Heard so much about FML (which stands for ‘F**k My Life’) that one of the first few apps I installed when I got my iPhone was this. Some of them are pretty funny and really FML, and since I hardly blog these days, I may as well post some here once in a while. I LOLed at the one below.

Today, my mother and father are insisting that I go on a date with a German exchange student they met on the weekend. Why? Because we have similar glasses. FML


正在阅读 蔡康永 写给 小S 第一个未出世宝宝的散文书籍 – 《有一天啊,宝宝…》。


Big Blurry Picture

Gonna love WordPress for its one-click automatic upgrade to the latest version (though I can’t see any obvious differences). If only they make the downloading of themes easier.

Anyhow, I made myself see the big picture since my last post but it seems kinda blurry now. I’ve left my job of two and three-quarter years (excluding National Service at that place) and joining a new one next Monday. Gave myself a break for a week and a half (I LOVE VERONICA MARS!) and it’s onward to jittery learning curve.

Big step.

I should be proud of myself for landing 3 offers, but somehow I wonder if my capabilities are overrated. Ah, the usual self-doubt of self-worth, but really, what do they see in me?

A career switch definitely wasn’t on my list of New Year resolutions. I must remind myself not to make any more resolutions. I hardly fulfilled any of them over the last half of the year, other than the enjoying parts.

I am glad that the switch happened anyway. I’m turning 26 and I don’t know enough about the trade. It’s time to explore and decide where I should go and what I want to do in life. I don’t have my life planned out for me, so I’ve got some exploring to do. I know I should go on and get a degree, but, well, I don’t think I want it on my plate right now.

I am hoping that I’m not going to disappoint at my new workplace. I put down reputable names as my referees, so reputations other than mine are at stake. I better work hard.

Good luck to me.